Saturday, July 23, 2011

Schick Type G injector

The other reason for picking up that crusty lot was to try one of these. Hey, I'm all about exploring the options out there! The type G was produced from 1946 to 1955 and this one cleaned up pretty well. Picked up a pack of blades at Freddy's (they still sell them) so I'll give it a try tomorrow. Gotta say it's a looker, and there are some real partisans of the injectors, sort of the '3rd party' of the safety razor world - I aim to find out.

1st weirdness - the blades are slick with what appears to be gun/sewing machine oil...

WTG: good audible and tactile feedback which I appreciate. What I didn't appreciate is that in terms of hair removal, any number of razors do more on a WTG. As an aside - there is no way to miscalculate the angle on the Schick - if it's wrong, it simply doesn't cut at all.

XTG> I found myself using PRESSURE (!) and that pass was a lot better but still not ready for ATG.

XTG< got to the point where I could do the ATG

ATG: This is where the Schick really shines - the compact idiot-proof head (no bigger than a twin blade cart) design is pretty remarkable - you can do ATG blade buffing with pressure and all it cuts is hair. By the end, not a speck of blood to be seen.

All in all, I would have to rate the Schick as "very good", if slow. Will I keep it in the rotation? No, there are too many 'issues'. Firstly, I don't want a razor to be this safe, I want that thing to CUT. If you want to get all Mantic Method and do 5-6 passes you will probably love the Schick though, as it is VERY easy on the skin.

The other major minus is the blades. There are only a couple of available choices currently manufactured, and while they are quite a bit cheaper than any 'system' garbage, $5 for seven is not exactly cheap. In the interest of science I'll use it until the blade dulls. Schickies claim the blades are good for 7 shaves, so we'll see.

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