Monday, November 14, 2011

Poor Man's Strop Kit

If you intend to get off of the shaving sucker grid for good, there are only a few ways to go.

First is the obvious manly solution - the straight razor. Way down the manly scale but still pretty butch are vintage/reclaimed SE blade in a pre-Micromatic ASR razor. Either way, you are going to need and want a leather strop to keep that edge in line.

May I suggest, to beginners and/or cheapskates alike: the Poor Man's Strop Kit from Whipped Dog Razors.

For a mere $19 delivered CONUS, you get a hell of a lot of value. The leather strop looks as cheap as it is but it works great. The major bonus is the pasted balsa strop with included extra baggies of Chromium/Iron powder to recharge... I can personally testify that one can get an incredibly wicked edge on straight blades as well as SE blades using the PMSK. The kit was recommended to me by a gracious SRP member and it was great advice! Oh, and delivery is FAST. Get over there and order one today!
Poor Man's Strop Kit

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